Effect SharingEffect Sharing

Effect Sharing is a private business club for capital, resource, and profit sharing.

The business club rules are the following:
1. Any club member can beneficiate of free support and IT solutions to raise his capital in his investment account. The club uses Algorithm Invest company's software for free.
2. A club member needs a minimal 100.000$ plus the used risk. The money is deposited on an investment account, opened on his name with a supervised brokerage company.
3. The club will send into the member's account automated investment signals on many capital markets, identified by artificial intelligence procedures, to make a profit.
4. There is no membership fee, no tax, and no commissions. A club member has nothing to pay, except if he records a profit. Then, he will share 50% of the profit made.
5. There are no specific restrictions, no limitations, no commitments, no obligations, and the service contract can be canceled anytime for any reason, by any club member.
6. Any club member can promote the club activity and can invite new applicants to join the business club. In this way, the current club member will increase his profitability.
7. For each new club member invited and incorporated in the club, the current member will receive -2% bonus of the profit share he owes to the club when he records a profit.
8. A maximum 8 bonus levels can be granted for each member. The maximal bonus can decrease the profit share with -16%. A bonus will grant a ★ in the membership label.
9. For the members with eight ★ and a professional investment account, an additional 0,67% bonus is granted. In this way, the minimal profit share level can become 33,33%.
10. The profit share is invoiced by the club monthly, on the 1st day of each month. For the large member's accounts, the profit share will be invoiced each week, on Monday.
11. A delayed invoice, unpaid to the club, can cancel the membership for the one who is late. The investment risk can be set at 10%, 20%, or 30%, at the member's choice.
12. Any business person or private company can ask to join the business club. The board will analyze and will issue a resolution, depending on the new investor's profile.
13. All members agree to respect the usual rules of business conduct. The club reserves the right to select its own partners and to cancel the club membership if needed.

Effect Sharing is running as a legal company registered under the European Union laws with the EUID unique number ROONRC.J40/6373/2019 and fiscal registration code RO41112281. The company works according to the European Union's legal regulations.

Address: Muntenia Business Center
16th Splaiul Unirii, 8th floor, 813th room
4th sector, Bucharest, 040035 Romania
Email: office@effectsharing.com Phone: +407.2712.0000